Accessories for storage containers

Reały w kontenerze

The racks fit all storage containers in our offer

Zabudowa z drewna - 2

Made of pine board, The mounting system we designed allows for quick installation of the entire wall. We slide the wall onto the placed on construction profiles, brackets

drzwi z siatką

Standard storage container with doors made of galvanized welded mesh


PVC window with tilt and turn, double glazing. Dimension: 865×835 mm. Mounted in the side wall of the container


Made of checker plate. It can be used as a ramp for manual forklifts, wheelbarrows

Sztaba antywłamaniowa-7

Additional protection against breaking into the container

Podwyższenie kontenera - 2

It allows you to increase the height of the container from 2200 mm to 2600 mm

Kratka wentylacyjna

Grate fi 100 mm

Wzmocnienia dachu

Designed for places with heavy snowfall and to strengthen the roof case of stacking containers

Zamówienie Dania-2

Dimensions 160×40 mm

Masz oświetleniowy-2

Mounted on the corners of the container. Used for mounting lighting lamps, cameras

Podstawki do poziomowania-4

Adjustment range 35-70 mm

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