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Container construction:

  • Container floor: galvanized steel profiles 60 × 40 mm (wall thickness 2 mm) board 32 mm thick
  • Side walls: T-35 aluzinc trapezoidal sheet (0.75 mm), galvanized profiles 60×40 mm (wall thickness 2 mm) bolted to the container floor and the roof with angles (3 mm sheet) using M10 screws
  • Rear wall: T-35 trapezoidal sheet
  • Doors: double-leaf, T-35 trapezoidal sheet metal, with an installed handle and bolt, locked with a key. Turned hinges
  • Roof: T-35 aluzinc sheet (possible to be made of sheet with anti-condensation felt), galvanized profiles 60x40mm (wall thickness 2 mm), connected with angles (3 mm sheet) with wall profiles using M10 screws

External dimensions:

Internal dimensions:

6 m storage container, storage space, storage for tools, storage for gardening equipment.

The structure of the storage container is made of galvanized profiles 60 × 40 with a thickness of 2 mm. The base of the container is a floor made of 32 mm thick boards mounted on galvanized profiles. The walls of the container and the roof are made of durable T-35 aluzinc trapezoidal sheet metal 0.75 mm thick, riveted to the profiles. The profile of the sheet and its thickness ensure the stability of the entire structure. The rear wall of the container, like the other elements, is made of T-35 trapezoidal sheet metal, 0.75 mm thick. The container has a double-leaf door made of trapezoidal sheet metal and mounted on a welded frame made of galvanized sheet. The right wing is equipped with a bolt, the left wing with a leg, a handle and a lock, the container is normally locked with a key. Container gutters are made of aluzinc sheet metal with a thickness of 0.75 mm. The corners of the container are made of 3 mm thick sheet metal, are anti-corrosive and painted.

Application areas:

Storage containers are widely used in the construction industry: they can be used as a storage for tools, materials, but also as a back-up for employees. The storage container can be easily disassembled and transported for subsequent investments, without the need for HDS transport. Storage containers can be used as a storage space for rent, a warehouse made of containers. It is possible to adapt our containers to specific projects


The custom-made storage containers we offer are shipped by trusted shipping companies. These are collapsible storage containers, intended for self-assembly – they are shipped in the transport position. 2-4 people are needed to unload the container manually, an alternative is a forklift. Each storage container is delivered with each element:

  • floor,
  • two walls,
  • roof,
  • back wall,
  • door,

Additional information

Weight 750 kg
Wymiary kontenera w pozycji transportowej

Długość [cm]: 610
Szerokość [cm]: 220
Wysokość [cm]: 40




Deska 32 mm


Blacha trapezowa alucynk T-35

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